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Welcome Contents Cappagh National Orthopaedic hospital has evolved over recent years and continues to be a major centre for complex orthopaedic activity nationally. Over the past year the hospital has been heavily involved with the national pilot programme for prospective funding or "Money following the Patient". Now a total of €9.8 million of the hospitals allocation from the HSE is specifically dedicated to this project to fund Hip and Knee replacement surgery. This project involves years of work in evaluating the cost of each procedure and ensuring that all costs associated with a range of surgical procedures are clearly allocated. 4 6 In addition to this collaborative work with the HSE, the hospital has also been deeply involved in the national clinical programme for elective surgery. This national programme for the first time allows for meaningful collation of national data regarding similar surgical care pathways. This is an important step forward for developing the most efficient and safe care for all patients. In October 2012 the hospital opened its first active rehabilitation centre (ARC) under the national clinical programme for the frail and elderly. This unit assesses patients in both the Mater and Beaumont hospitals following an acute episode of care who are suitable for active rehabilitation and eventual discharge to home. To date the unit has proven extremely successful with over 80% of patients being discharged direct to home from the unit. The additional specialist staff in the unit add to the general expertise available on site. The hospital has for some years now been on an ambitious development plan to ensure all critical infrastructure is replaced to ensure the best services to the public. Theatre and MRI projects are complete and the coming years will see the hospital embark on plans to develop a new Central Decontamination Unit, extend the Outpatients department and develop a new recovery room. These projects will require a high level of support from the Cappagh Hospital Foundation and we are hopeful that despite current economic circumstances we will be successful in delivering on these projects to ensure a state of the art facility is available to all public patients. I am very glad to announce that Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital was recently awarded a Quality Improvement Award 2013 by the European health accreditation authority Caspe Healthcare Knowledge Systems (CHKS). This award is attributed for having achieved significant improvements in patient care and patient experience as well as staff welfare safety and moral. Cappagh was initially shortlisted amongst health care services in the UK, Germany and Cyprus. Finally I would like to express our deep gratitude to the patrons and all who assist the activities of the Cappagh Hospital Foundation which has been so instrumental in developing the infrastructure and developing research and education at Cappagh Hospital. Regards, Gordon Dunne CEO Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital 2 02 Welcome 04 News Updates from Cappagh Hospital and the Cappagh Hospital Foundation this year 06 Clean Start As our new Central Decontamination Unit is poised to open its doors, what will it mean for Cappagh Hospital? 07 Active Rehabilitation Cappagh Hospital's Active Rehabilitation Unit leads the way with a patient focused approach to regaining independence 08 Inspiration 10 Supporting CHT Pauline Culleton's amazing resilience coping with complex medical issues is matched by her incredible kindness and generosity as she raises funds for Cappagh Hospital In this issue we salute the work of some of our fundraising legends and introduce our Corporate Champions 12 The Fabulous Baker Boy Out on a Limb 15 17

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