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Care & Cleaning Philips Screen cleaner LCD/LED/Plasma Wipes SHL1705WT Philips Screen cleaner LCD/LED/Plasma SVC1116 Enjoy a spotless screen • Streak-free cleaning fluid • Anti-static formula to repel dust • Lint-free microfibre cloth cleans safely and thoroughly Safely clean your screen • Safe, drip-free formula Use over and over again • Lint-free, reusable, washable microfibre cloth Enjoy a spotless screen • Anti-static construction attracts dust Safely clean your screen • Pre-moistened to clean away dirt and smudges Cables Philips Speaker wire 10 m 2 x 0.75 mm² - 24 x 0.2 mm SWA2135T Enjoy extended durability • Flexible PVC jacket Environmentally friendly • Environmentally friendly lead-free construction Minimum packaging material • On a hang tab Audio Philips Stereo audio cable 5 m 3.5 mm SWA2164W Enjoy good audio quality •High-purity copper conductor for reliable signal transfer •Nickel-plated connectors for reliable contact Protects against signal loss •Bare copper shielding Easy installation •Non-slip ergonomic grip for easy use Enjoy extended durability •Moulded plug for secure connections •Flexible PVC jacket •Rubber strain relief 61

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